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I have been a professional Massage Therapist since 2004. I trained and worked in London before moving to Cornwall in 2009. I am qualified in several types of massage including Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Sports, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Indian Head and Onsite (chair) Massage. I tend to specialise in deep tissue massage and pregnancy massage, but I often combine massage techniques to provide the most beneficial treatment. I am conscious of working within clients’ tolerance levels regarding areas of tenderness and pain. I encourage honest feedback from clients during treatment and check my pressure to ensure clients receive the massage they expect (whether you prefer deep or lighter pressure!).Total relaxation can help to release emotional and physical stress and tension – I believe this is when massage is at its most effective

It can be daunting finding the right therapist! I aim to make clients feel comfortable by being down to earth and honest and I endeavour to address any concerns regarding treatment. My emphasis is to promote preventative health care and increase awareness of one’s body by helping to ease pain and discomfort, offering practical advice and improving mobility where necessary.

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Deep Tissue and Remedial/Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage is a more powerful type of massage than Swedish/Holistic or Aromatherapy massage. It utilizes increased pressure and specific techniques to work more deeply and is ideal for people who prefer a stronger massage. It can be be particularly helpful for problem areas, especially those accumulated over time.It aims to address areas of dysfunction and/or injury within the soft tissue using a variety of advanced techniques and can help to:
Alleviate muscular tension and/or joint stiffness
Improve mobility caused by tightness in the soft tissue
Alleviate symptoms caused by injury (old and new), RSI or poor posture
Combat stress and stress related symptoms
Please note that whilst deep tissue and remedial massage works at a deeper level which may cause tenderness, treatment does not have to be excruciating as is sometimes believed. I have many levels of pressure that I employ during treatment & I encourage client feedback of anything which is uncomfortable.

30 / 45 / 60 mins
£30 / £45 / £55
Pregnancy Massage

I have undertaken advanced training in pregnancy massage* and confidently treated many women throughout the trimesters. Pregnancy massage offers all of the benefits of other massage techniques but special consideration is taken to ensure the comfort of a pregnant woman and safety of her developing baby. This may include techniques which are more suitable, especially during heavy pregnancy (eg. Side-lying), but do not compromise the therapeutic benefits of the massage. Whilst there are some essential oils that are not suitable to use during pregnancy, there are many which have huge therapeutic value. As a trained aromatherapist I select oils that are safe to use during pregnancy.
Pregnancy massage can help:
Induce deep relaxation
Relieve areas of fluid retention
Improve muscular tension caused by increased weight-bearing during pregnancy
Alleviate stress and stress related symptoms
I continue to see many of my pregnant ladies after labour when massage often continues to offer well-needed support. This may include helping to combat the consequences of disturbed sleep, awkward posture during breast-feeding or carrying and picking up growing bundles of joy.

* I trained with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother, Bristol and hold an APNT Diploma in Pregnancy Massage. Suzanne is a Shiatsu practitioner who has worked with many pregnant women, trained countless midwives and therapists and has written several books on the subject of pregnancy.

30 / 45 / 60 mins
£30 / £45 / £55

Reiki is a deeply relaxing and natural method of channelling energy. Reiki aims to help restore energy flow and disperse areas that may have become ‘congested’ through physical or emotional trauma or upset. Regular Reiki clients often say it helps them to feel more peaceful and centred and find it deeply relaxing, akin to meditation. Treatment is fully-clothed and involves no physical pressure. The effects of Reiki can help clients to feel more focused or ‘grounded’, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress, increase creativity and release suppressed emotions. Please note that Reiki has no religious affiliation.

30 / 45 / 60 mins
£30 / £45 / £55
Flowers with rolled towels
Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy combines the use of a base oil with essential oils, which are naturally derived from plants, flowers and fruits. They are a potent addition in massage and work on the mind, body and spirit to help promote wellbeing.
Aromatherapy can help combat:
Skin conditions
Muscular stiffness and tension
Stress and stress related symptoms
There are also many essential oils which are beneficial in helping with digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, clearing the mind and restoring balance.
I combine aromatherapy with all of my other massage treatments to add further therapeutic benefit for my clients.
Individually tailored blends can help with numerous conditions, consider many factors and are available upon request.

30 / 45 / 60 mins
£30 / £45 / £55
Swedish / Holistic Massage

Swedish massage, also often referred to as holistic massage combines the use of a naturally unscented base oil and traditional Swedish massage techniques.
The pressure used in a Swedish massage is not as powerful as a deep tissue or remedial massage, but still focuses on helping to relieve areas of tension, stiffness and discomfort within the soft tissues of the body (eg. muscles, tendons, etc).
Whilst pressure should still be firm enough to be effective, this type of massage is usually preferred by clients who find deep tissue or sports massage too strong.
Swedish/Holistic massage can help…
Alleviate muscular tension and/or joint stiffness
Improve mobility caused by tightness in the soft tissue
Alleviate symptoms caused by injury (old and new), RSI or poor posture
Combat stress and stress related symptoms.

30 / 45 / 60 mins
£30 / £45 / £55
Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage focuses on the head, neck & shoulders. A firm massage helps to relieve tension around the scalp, neck, base of the skull and tops of shoulders. Gentle massage on the face is used to help stimulate circulation, whilst pressure points help to relieve tension.
I do not use oils during this treatment.
Indian head massage can help to combat tension headaches,
improve muscular tension around face, scalp and neck,
relieve stress and stress related symptoms and induce deep relaxation.

30 mins

Reflexology encompasses the principle that there are energy zones which run throughout the body and a corresponding map of reflex points on the feet that correspond to major organs, glands and body systems.
Treatment aims to restore balance by helping to stimulate the body’s natural rhythm of healing and clearing congestion within the zones.
Reflexology may help to:
Improve symptoms of hormonal imbalance
Increase a weakened immunity
Combat symptoms of anxiety
Alleviate stress and stress related symptoms
Clients that enjoy Reflexology say they find it deeply relaxing and have a sense of renewed energy after treatment.

30 / 45 / 60 mins
£30 / £45 / £55