Patrycja Zarotynska



Nail technician.

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Welcome to my nail world! I moved to St. Ives in 2008 and instantly fell in love with its charm and picturesque cobbled streets. It’s a place like no other and I call it my home now. When I first came to Cornwall I was employed in hospitality, however I always knew deep in my heart that my destiny is beauty. I absolutely love everything about this industry and I finally turned my dreams into reality when I started my own business in 2016 as lash technician and makeup artist. I’ve trained over the years with some amazing ladies including Cindy Nicholls (lash master), Sally Orchard (makeup artist) and Inese Stepanova (Elleebana educator). In 2019 I decided to take my education further and did a couple of courses in nail enhancements, my passion for many years. I trained with lovely Laura Bell in gel polish and did a gel nails course with the incredible Chrissie Pearce, who I have admired for many years. I graduated in July 2019 and added nail extensions as one of my services. I did not imagine how popular this service was going to be! Nails are hands down my number one treatment! I am constantly updating my skills and learning new tricks and techniques as I go. I’ve done a few add on courses to keep myself up to date and expand my knowledge. I just love doing nails! I love how I can make my clients smile and give them confidence by creating mini art! Happy clients are my best ‘thank you’ and my biggest satisfaction. I am thankful they choose me and trust me with their nails. I’m proud to be using Light Elegance products, which I've found work best for me and my clients. With a huge range of colours they are also hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten free and 9 free so you can be assured I’m giving you safe service. I also offer Elleebana lash lifts. It’s a fantastic brand and their products are quality. This treatment is very effective and low maintenance so it’s no surprise that lash lifts have been increasing in popularity. A beautiful alternative to lash extensions if you prefer a more natural look. Fancy treating yourself? I’m your girl!  

tel. 01736 799889

mob. 07596 793797

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Lash lift – Lifts the lashes from the root, opening up the eye.

  • Elleebana Lash Lift and Tint*(60mins) £45
  • Lash Tint*(20mins) £12
  • *patch test required at least 24hrs prior treatment. It is essential you arrive to your patch test and lash appointment eye makeup free.

    Elleebana, does not test its products on animals but instead does the testing on members of its team. It’s not vegan as it has lanolin in it but they do say that it is ethically sourced. It is also paraben free.


    • Gel Extensions  £40
    (Sculpted hard gel nail extensions, includes plain colour or glitter gel colour, nail art not included)
    • Gel Overlay £30
    (No length added, natural nail overlay to promote growth, includes plain colour or glitter gel colour, nail art not included)
    • Gel Polish Manicure £30
    (Includes cuticle work, hand massage, gel polish, nail art not included)
    • Gel Infills/ Rebalance £28
    (One colour or glitter gel, nail art not included)
    • Gel Pedicure £35
    (Included soak, exfoliation, massage, gel polish one colour)
    • Gel Polish Toes £25
    (Includes cuticle work)
    • Gel/ Acrylic nails removal £10
    • Nail Repair £5 (per nail)
    • Manicure £28
    (Includes cuticle work, massage and nail polish one colour)
    • Pedicure £30
    (Included soak, exfoliation, massage, nail polish one colour)

    Nail Art / Extras

    • French Tips/ Ombré/ Loose Glitter £5
    • Transfer Foil/ Stickers/ Decals/ Gold Leaf £5
    • Crystals (Swarovski/ Preciosa) from £5
    • Hand Painted Nail Art from £5