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Marta Timon
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About Marta

Marta has a degree in molecular Biology. She is also a painter with artistic training in several schools in both Spain and Italy (scholarship holder at the Universita dell‘Immagine. Milano). She has been a professional tattooist for six years, as well as being a strong supporter of healthy living for body and soul. Check out her stunning work on her Facebook page.

Camouflage repigmentation is a specialized process that falls under the category of Medical or Paramedical Tattooing.

We offer you our advanced knowledge, training, skills and experience to determine whether your damaged skin meets all the criteria required to be a candidate. If so, the process will require time, patience and realistic expectations. We cannot "erase" the scar/burn/skin depigmentation, so the area looks "perfect" again. However, we will be able to make it less noticeable through artistic tattooing techniques and by using flesh ink tones or the combination of both if needed.

Abdominoplasty Abdominoplasty
The term Sacred Geometry describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence.

It unites the mind and the heart, spirit and matter, science and spirituality. Everything in nature is made up of patterns, structures, and designs from the smallest atom to the infinite universe. Each of nature's creations reveals to us the nature of that object and its own energetic vibration. Thus, every creation has a unique vibratory frequency. The interaction of all the vibratory frequencies found in creation show us the intrinsic unity of the part to the whole.

Sacred Geometry
Artistic Tattoo

If you’re determined to get a tattoo you obviously want nothing but the best, as well as for it to be original. According to your wishes, skin, body and resistance to pain, we’ll create a unique design specifically for you, that suits you the best.

Artistic Tattoo